Oct 8, 2012

Finished Fricklander FNG + 50 followers!

The Fricklander FNG regiment (or battalion as you wish) is finished; all forty figures are based and shaded. Changed the background to an all-white one.

This was actually the last sunny day here. Next day it started raining, so an opportunity well used. They look good from this angle don't they.

Aaaaand the big news (of course I could see it coming), 50 followers! The 50th being Erwin from Soldados Viejos, thank you very much!

A slightly more tedious drybrushing on the commander's base (see the post of him here). I've divided the 36 figs (41 minus the command) into three units of 12 as I used to with other sets too. 12 is a very useful number as a unit of 12 stands can easily make up any formation (line/column/square). Firing line here.

The 3rd unit is made up of mixed figs (standing on guard, reloading, kneeling firing etc.). There are 9 kneeling figures so quite hard to get the numbers right.

The seasoned NCO Michael Strömwald decided to stay in the shade.

Along with their comrades from the red clans of Jackewline with whom they will be making up a mixed battalion.


  1. Congratulations on your 50 followers!

    You made excellent use of the sunny day-nicely done!

  2. Congrats on your 50th follower there.

  3. Nice work and well done on reaching 50 followers!

  4. Nice looking grenadiers Andrew. I like the highlanders you have mixed in. Glad to be one of your 50 followers, keep it going.

  5. Very nice troopers. And it's always nice to have one more follower in your regiment to watch your back!

    1. Thank you. With these 50 I could conquer the world :)