Oct 18, 2012

Projects getting realized

Sorry for the lack of posts ladies and gents, no photographing material available. Guess this also means the blog won't break the magic barrier of 10.000 hits soon!

This weekend + Mon and Tue (national holiday again)
  • Finish the Risk Fricklander foot (16) done
  • Finish the Revell Königtiger w/ Porsche turret - almost done, lacks varnish and base
  • Finish the Italeri Highlanders (25) basecoated, waiting their turn
  • (Quick-)Paint the recently bought Zvezda GNW dragoons as Jackewlinese Yellow dragoons (18)- in progress, need corrections, assembly, shading, basing
  • Get some work done on the Green Guard Grenadiers (18)
  • Start another 4 or 5 Risk units (30-40)
  • Start the rest of the Italeri Revwar French as Dorroseani militia (quick mode) (~30)
Take photos, organize posts, leave more comments around.

Already set up a battle plan for the weekend using the Strategy Game rules (see the Rules page above), I'll need to write a non-player enemy reaction by dice as not sure if I could find an opponent. Know what, I'll start writing it right now.

Not forget about home assignments and tests due the week after the holiday.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm on a painting spree now, maybe I'll reach the end of the plastic pile soon?

  2. Just as Jay said keep plugging away the 10k will be here before you know it!

    1. Thanks but I'll sure know it as I check the stats every day!

  3. Only 91 left mate to go, the juices are still flowing!

    1. Thank you, didn't even count them all. That's not even a lot, maybe I'll find something else to fit in the queue.

  4. Nice list, should keep you busy


  5. Courage!
    I'm waiting for the Highlanders !