Oct 22, 2012

Finished - Jackewline yellow dragoons + 10k hits!

Fitting both for the earlier civil war and war of independence era. The Jackewlinese name 'Vraqsul' originates from 'vraquyr / vrakech', dragon. With these lot from Zvezda my yellow clan army is almost complete (it lacks volunteers, skirmishers, a freshly raised regiment in white coats and a cuirassier regiment) and already fields a considerable amount of force (an artillery battery, a foot, a dragoon and a heavy dragoon regiment).

The box contains 18 figs and horses. 3 are dismounted. These are very good skirmishers and can 'mount' in a game if necessary. The other 15 are mostly depicted with swords drawn.

Command and first rank.

And yeah, ten thousand hits... Very nice. Thank you all. I found no way to actually celebrate this, so my advice is for you to keep on reading and I will keep on posting.

Dismounted soldiers and grazing horses. Wonder how deaf should those be to eat so peacefully.

Rear rank more visible here. I just painted up the standard as I can't print any at the moment. I may have out-done the shading on these, but they look fine from this distance.

I wonder, I wonder... These are from the early 18th century and along with the Swedish foot figures would make a good Imperial army for the Rákóczi rebellion. No idea how would I get some Hungarians though.


  1. Nice looking troops Andrew and well done on the 10k hits!!!

  2. Nice looking units and congrats on hitting the 10k milestone!

  3. Nice work , and good details
    Captain Lol

  4. What a fabulous way to celebrate 10,000 hits. Many congratulations Andrew.

    1. Thank you; still not sure how to actually celebrate. Maybe I'll figure something out for the one and a half year anniversary.

  5. Very nice looking troops, and congrats!

  6. Hi, Andrew: you've been busy! And the fruits of your labors look really good!