Oct 16, 2012

How to improve photoshooting

Little bit of thinking here.
  • Increase distance. At least by a foot. I tend to misjudge how big my figs would look like from the preview on the camera and only face the problem when I've already posted the images. Lately I've found too often that my pictures do not justify the figs. 
  • Avoid super macros. With the current resolution the pictures would become huge and see the other half of the problem above.
  • Better lighting. With days becoming shorter and shorter I'll have even lesser natural light so I would need a stronger light source anyway.
  • Edit every each image. A bit of fiddling with brightness/contrast etc. might help a lot.
What's happening around: the Artizan figs are slowly marching through Europe and hope the Eastern European quality of postal service won't just make them disappear. I've bought a Zvezda 1/100 T-34/76 which I've just assembled (it has a cute plastic flag attached to its rear, priceless) and a pack of Zvezda GNW Swedish dragoons, also brushes and varnish along with white enamel paint to start the winter camo Königtiger. This week started with a fog and now it's raining furiously. One of my teachers has become ill so one less class to attend today. Still haven't found pics of the con. I'm going to be more active on the Schultze-Böhnstadt thingie until I paint something up.

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