Oct 15, 2012

Lego Zombie Survival

This idea struck me earlier and we have actually played a 'no rules' sort of story but since visiting the freshly opened monobrand store here in Budapest it is becoming more and more clear that a game like this could be implemented, considering these:
  • BrickArms sells a bunch of realistic looking weapons. These are available at the store too.
  • The monobrand store offers the possibility to combine existing figure parts and make a custom one e. g. characters.
  • I've got a lot of spare figure parts belonging to no one. A few old figs' faces lost detail, number of parts don't match etc. these could make perfect zombies.
  • There was an excellent post on Kukuruza's Corner earlier showing realistic wall sections and ruins out of Legos which could be very useful, but generally: a wide variety of buildings can be easily made with either a 'floors only' interior or 'real' buildings with outer walls. 
  • Another simplistic set of rules takes no time to script: ranges, movement, fatigue etc.

The only problem is the price. Lego isn't that cheap after all. A few survivors+weapons and a pack of zombies (the more mutated ones can be built from bricks as well) isn't such a big deal though.

I was staying at the hostel this weekend for an event so no progress on painting, there have actually been some tabletop gaming which I completely missed: brought my phone but hadn't taken any photos, will take a look around if anyone else had. I may also use the time before Wednesday (going home for a six-day break as the national holiday of the 23rd is coming) to organize my projects and buy a few Zvezda 1/100s, refill the painting stack etc.

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