Sep 6, 2012


Since nothing else is to paint, I'll show the painted pieces of my WW2 aircraft collection done some 6- 8 years ago. These are all 1/72s and no idea which belongs to which manufacturer (they're mostly Revell I think).

Welcome to Andy Walker from The Lair of the Breviks, thanks for joining!

Swedish P-51D, loved painting it.

Me-262 with some interesting colors. No basecoating or any special technique - a glory to Humbrol and Revell enamels for still holding on to the plastic.

A pretty much ruined Ju-88,

a Me-109E and G, the E version with desert camo - one of my better early works. These were all played with and lost many parts during the years, veterans of dozens of combats.

Above these shown, I have an unpainted Kittyhawk and a Stuka and a Revell 'fast assembly' 1/144 MiG-29 somewhere on my shelf. Maybe I'll do some justice to them and repaint them properly and put them on a standard sometimes, good old memories after all.


  1. My favorite is the ME 262. I've got a 15mm one ready for paint for a WWII scenario in Germany. Nice job.

  2. For me, the Me-109, looking very nice!

    1. Thanks; despite one of my first models I'm very proud of it.

  3. I have to confess seeing these makes me want to dash out and get one for all time's sake.