Sep 7, 2012

Inter Arma additions

I published my Ancient/Medieval skirmish rules named Inter Arma a few weeks ago on pastebin. Now I've written a special appendix to it including fantasy rules, and another including campaign rules. These can be found on the links below, as well as added to the 'Rules' page on the blog and are free to use. Any criticism - something I should add? Something I should exclude? I repeat some words too often? -  is welcome.

Appendix I - Fantasy

Appendix II - Campaign

In the meantime, a shameless advertisement: I'm selling my composite (recurve) bow for roughly 66$ / 52€, link here. It's a Hungarian craft with wooden and plastic materials, hardly ever used and worn only at the grip where the arrows were shot. Honestly: it's not pretty in green fake leather, but it does the job. A piece of my heart would be happy if I couldn't sell it, but at the moment I'd have a use for some extra money, so drop me a mail or comment if you're interested. I can send more pictures as well.


  1. Hi, Andrew. I'll take a look at your rule set later today. Gotta go now...

  2. I hope you're successful with selling it Andrew.

    1. Thank you and thanks for joining the readers' list too!