Sep 5, 2012

Projects - Autumn 2012

Long time passed since the last 'text only' post, partly to my relief as I've always had enough pictures to keep on. This one, however, goes to myself as well - trying to sort out different aspects of my life and planning how to spend money in the future.

I could do nothing without setting goals. This has been already told by one of my teachers but I've just found my way, to set up game-like achievements with real life objects. This fills my free time with actual thinking - when I'm not doing anything, I'm thinking about how I'll do things later on and on. This is why I've chosen to read 30 classics (for most of which I haven't had the time during high school although they were mandatory reads such as Homer or Goethe), books on warfare (Clausewitz, Sun-tze, Machiavelli, Guderian, Zrínyi [compatriot and military genius]) and 50 Osprey books and write commentaries about them, or to leave 500 comments on other blogs (keep an eye out you guys! -it is intentionally a huge challenge to keep me going). There are various goals from losing weight to faring better in regular studies or writing stories and poems for competitions.

Here's a welcome to 'Encourage One Another', an inspirational blog with an army of followers, wow!

  • Recent: Get to the end of the present stack. Paint the Zvezda Nappie Russians, Italeri Revolutionary French for the Imagi-Nation units. Finish the Zvezda Prussians and Italeri Scot Greys.
After payments:
  • Necessities: Restore the painting stack, mostly with acrylics. Find a better source for varnish (Revell cans are too tiny and hardly enough for a unit of 40+ figs complete with the amount used for basing).
  • Continuous: Keep up with the 30YW and Dorfainen projects. At least one box of each this year.
New projects (not necessarily all of them):
  • Landsknechts in 28mm (or bigger than 1/72), Lead Adventures' Bruegelburg range seems nice enough - to give me some challenge in painting. If I can't have these after all, there are still some very nice plastics available. - This is the primary object now but might be delayed til Christmas. 
  • WW2, mainly vehicles, provided with weathering powder (and no more washes for you, evil spirits!) - 1/100s and maybe convincing my brothers/friends to contribute?
  • Samurai, Zvezda boxes and Art of Tactic minisets.
  • Imperial Romans and enemies, Zvezda again.
  • Fantasy in 1/72 with Caesar sets. Orcs, heroes, dragons, dorfs, etc. (in no particular order).
  • Selling stuff on ebay.
  • After seeing things going at Jay's blog for instance, with a huge Huzzah! I'm getting into the greenstuff wasting industry. The plans are:
  • Adding 'optical tuning' to Mars' 30YW Imperial heavy cavalry, a good start and practice.
  • Sculpting a dragon, 1/72 scale. Already got the eggs.
  • A series of a command fig of a certain Jackewlinese Colonel, the protagonist of my would-be novel: in poses of a) Mounted, charging b) Mounted, stationary c) On foot, smoking d) On foot, fighting with heavy cavalry sword and pistol. 
  • Buying A Song of... books (horse&musket and fantasy) soon.
  • Extending the homegrown ruleset Inter Arma to fantasy battles (with flying/underground units) and adding campaign / leveling appendixes.
  • Translating the 'big game' (horse&musket in the Napoleonic way, up to 20 pages) rules to English and publishing them here.
  • Buy this hat or something similar. Generally to pay more attention to outfit and wear shirts more often. By chance buy a better leather coat than the one I've worn for nearly two years (a trust-worthy companion but, sadly, it gets ragged eventually).
  • Write a hundred pages for my novel.
  • Gain 50 followers (37 at present).
  • Lose more weight.
The list keeps going!


  1. Yep, gaming-modeling (GM) takes on many faces, and all of them are not just painting and basing and gaming. Sounds like your keeping the GM part of your brain well oiled and limber! I'm looking forward to your adventures into Putty Land, especially the creating of a dragon. Awesome!

    Thanks for the putting up a sign post to my mini world, Andrew.

    Keep the cranial fires burning!!

    1. Thank you for your comment, I hope I'll find time soon to get started.

  2. Good luck with these Andrew! As for a source of varnish, try something like
    I got 250ml from a homeware store here in the UK for about a fiver

    And that's a sharp hat ;-)

    1. Thanks; it looks like the brand is actually sold here, but no varnish, how's that? I must visit hobby/hardware stores although last time I could only buy an 500ml can of gloss varnish and ran out of it too quickly!