Jul 30, 2012

WIP - 30YW Imagi-Nations Swedish cavalry

26 Swedish cavalrymen, the ones I got from ebay, ready for their dip and then mounting up. Hope the light's better on these than the previous figs.

I was hesitating how to organize them (2 heavy/1 light squadron 9-9-8, 1 heavy and 1 light 13-13 or mixed as they were), I'll go with the 'natural' way and organize each box for one unit. The bases for the horses will be more detailed than the usual piece of paper.

These are going to be finished next weekend, while this week hopefully I can start working . Went for a blue and yellow basic pattern with a lot of brown tones on the accessories, boots and leather pieces of armor.

Also, the hugest storm I've ever seen caught me last night while going to the shop, at the bus stop lightning struck a tree and blew it down... scary, awesome and I've got wet down to my skin, a quick hot shower and a tea+Becherovka will hopefully fix me for today's work!


  1. A great start to the project, love the colours.

  2. Yes, the colors of the uniforms do jump out at the viewer, and the enemy!

    1. Thanks; hopefully they'll evoke fear and not the opposite!

  3. Continue like this, this is a good start! And yes, colours are impressive!