Jul 31, 2012

A quick roundup & welcomes

All I've got is two more cans of paint to finish the Swedes, maybe some basecoating business on the Zvezda 30YW figs for the rest of the week... Came back to hostel but going home as I couldn't really get anything done besides that one-day job... Now I'm here with two offers, one with a crappy schedule (12 hours a day, 2 days work 2 days not, 3 days work 3 days not) and a crappy payment but it's a hundred percent sure; the other one pays better, a long term job with a 4hr/day schedule but it's completely uncertain... Problem is I've got to know what the situation is by Thursday as there is a contract signing for the short-term one on Friday. What would you gentlemen advise, risk for the better one or go for the sure?

And here's a welcome to Phil and Ubique, thanks for following.


  1. very difficult!
    it's not very kind to ask us a so difficult question! (joking mode)

    the second one is better for the long term and the payment, the first one seems to be hard and could be difficult because of the irregular schedule...
    Forgot the "Reason side" and ask yourself: "which one I really prefer?"

    1. Thank you very much, those words are to be considered! - I'd prefer the long-term one (fits me better and is better overall), but I've still got a day to think about it.