Jul 29, 2012

30YW Imagi-Nations and army list

Another long-term project besides the usual Dorfainen and friends stuff, this time an alternate universe in a Thirty Years War era setting. Excuse me for the Hungarian text on the map.

Alemann electorates
(Central Germany)
Revell 30YW sets (Swedish infantry and cavalry, Imperial infantry and artillery)

Bourbon-Frankland and –Iberia
(North of the Iberian Peninsula and south-west of France)
Some of the available Musketeer sets

British Lordprotectorate
(the British Islands including Ireland)
A Call to Arms ECW boxes; Revell Swedish infantry&cavalry (generic); Mars Scots mercenaries, Strelets Jacobites (out of period but still a band of broadsword-wielding charging Scots!)

Conglomerate of the Free Cities
(Northern Italy)
Dark Dream Studio 15th century knights, Landsknechts and conversions, spiced with more muskets instead of arquebus

Great-Turk Kalifate
(Turkey, the western coast of the Black Sea towards Transsylvania)
-Turkia Overseas
Zvezda Turkish sets, Janissaries and cavalry

Hapsburk-Tirolean Imperium
(Austria, Tirol, parts of Silesia and Southern Germany)
Zvezda and Revell Imperial infantry; Revell 30YW Swedish cavalry; Revell 30YW Imperial Artillery

Hipsterian Mercantile Commons
(North-Western France and the Netherlands)
No idea but they can’t be mainstream!

Holy States of the Pope
(Central and Southern Italy)
Many, many types of mercenaries in the service of his Holiness!

-Spanish Nigeronia (south of the Iberian)
-Old-Nigeronia (Northern Africa along the coast)
-Apennini-Nigeronia (Sicily and Southern Italy)
No idea and no racism intended!

Krimean Khanate
(the Crimean Peninsula and north-east of it)
Zvezda Mongols (both sets) and Janissaries

Moskow-Peterburgian Tsariate
Zvezda Strelets and Russian Cavalry; planning to change heads on the Austrian infantry pike to make some Muscovite pikes

Republic of the Free Islands
(Iceland, Greenland, the Faroese and Shetlands)

Ruso-Turk Empire
(The now Ukraine, Romania and southern Russia)
Mixed bag with either European or Turkish/Mongolian types of units, many conversions

Sassanide Satrapate
(East of Turkey)
Zvezda Persians and elephants maybe?

(East of the Crimean)
There’s some sort of Scythian set around, might as well look into it.

Slavots Duchies
(On the Croat/Illyrian coast of the Adriatic)
Mars Haiduks; some Orion Cossacks mayhaps, especially cavalry

Spartan Free State
(the Peloponnesos Peninsula)
Now this is a wild subject, maybe some Spartan armor from the Zvezda set with head swapping and firearms?

-Swedish homeland (now Sweden)
-Swedish Karelia (North-eastern Scandinavia)
-Swecia Overseas (Denmark and Northern Germany, parts of the Benelux states)
Revell 30YW Swedish boxes and perhaps Zvezda 30YW Imperial infantry

Swedish-Varangian Northern Lands
Conversions, see below

Varangian Kingdom
(Finland, the Baltic coast and southwest inwards the Russian main)
Conversions, some sort of armored heavy infantry with Cossack-like caps for example?

Vengrian Cesariate
(The Carpathian Basin and parts of Transsylvania)
DDS knights; conversions

(The Tatra and the Volhynian Mountains north of Austria and Hungary)
Zvezda&Revell 30YW generics

Volhynian Cossack Kingdom
(Parts of Ukraine and Moldavia)
Zvezda&Orion Cossacks sets; some conversions from the Zvezda Medieval peasant infantry set as well (pitchforks&scythes for the win)


  1. I like the Spartan free state idea!

    1. Given myself a lot of freedom while planning these, hope it won't be disappointing.