Jul 25, 2012

Pike Drill for Dummies by Alexander von Hohenspitz

'Pike Drill for Dummies, or How Not to Impale Yor Self on Yor Pyke' is a 17th century handbook for beginner pikemen in the Austrian Emperor's Armies written by the infamous General Alexander von Hohenspitz. The book points out the most common problems pikemen of the age would face, and offers a solution to many (if not all). Sadly, there are only a very few printed and available because soon more modern drills took the place, but Hohenspitz's work was a key to maintain discipline in the army. The pair of this book, 'How Not to Fire Thine Musket in Thine Face, or Five Simple Musket Drills for Dummies' is more widely available.

(picture found on an unknown place of the internets, text is made by me)