Jul 26, 2012

Additions for the Risk game

A few minor scratchbuilds for the Nations of Riskopia game. The campaign's going on and there was a siege already but the gameplay requires some modifications on the rules. 
Above, fortifications out of matches. Been collecting the few the household uses and honestly, they never seem to be out of stock so why not have some fun with them? The river, by the way, is a very old build from last October.

Houses, there's 11 of them, the material is styrofoam and cardboard. Not so detailed but these are for gaming purposes and who would look at them that closely anyway?

Some plastic caps camouflaged as trees/wood markers, not very effective but useful for sure.


  1. The determined-ones work with what they have, or can get. You've been scrounging around for parts for your universe and it's all good! IMO you are living up to your motto: Random and creative. Just don't try to make your own dice! Great modeling, Andrew.

    1. Well thank you - these next few weeks won't make a favor for my hobby, so I'll do these smaller things to keep myself entertained (better than sitting at the PC or the TV all day).