Jul 24, 2012

Additions for the colonial game

Here's some stuff I've put together for the upcoming colonial game. First, some packhorses. I didn't finish them earlier (honestly, there were no use for them until now), had been lying around for a while.

A couple of small naval guns made of cartridge cases.

Big guns made of pen cartridges

Pikemen minus pikes, some kind of hostile tribe with improved weapons; in the background, a bunch of WW2 Germans slaughtered, they'll playe the role of jungle-dwellers (the pikes were used for the Normans in my Viking/ Dark Ages game). 

And four huts built in a boring afternoon.


  1. Wonderful, I just love your imaginative use of building materials.

    1. Thanks, I've got to work with what I have!

  2. Really nice work. The artillery is a pretty smart job. Nice work all away around, Sir.

  3. I really like the guns, great idea with the cartridges!