Jul 20, 2012


After a simple but effective title, I hereby introduce my second ever metal fig painted (will post the first one sometime and NOT because it's bad), this is a fantasy fig of unknown origin. It originally featured a pair of horns on the helmet (the remains of which I carefully filed off). He's about 30mm tall so guess that would be the scale and that is all I know, definitely not a vintage fig so I dared painting it up to my taste.

In the upcoming Dorfainen colonial game of mine he will be a mythical creature of the country Muajbar, dwelling in the temple beneath The Twisting Sands. His name is 'Zug-vadech-kul-stríga', translated to 'He Who Freezes in Fire', an underworld demigod hence the colors and the blue-ish sword; and, once he's a demigod, the extra size doesn't matter.

Really loved painting the wolfskin(?) on the cape, even gave it red eyes.

The lighting again doesn't show off well, the base is a lava/volcanic stone sort of thing with a red and yellow basecoat, grey stones and black drybrush crowned by a thin dip to fade the contrast.

Base from upside.

Here's a shot in a better lighting, sort of epic. 

There were no problems painting the fig, stripped, washed at least three times, undercoated it black then came the cape, armor and then the sword, highlighted all, added some touches of red/gold; it was a real fun to do something else besides 1/72s.


  1. Great job on this rather lovely miniature. I thought the base was blood soaked until I read the post, could work either way!

    1. Thanks, blood would be a bit too brutal in these quantities but I'm not sure if lava is any better!