Jul 22, 2012

And another new project

...Called The Nations of Riskopia(?)

Put together a campaign map with this fun prog called Hexographer. There are three neighboring countries (Ulpianea, Auroventia and Aronia), each has armies of Risk figs I've based and set up very simple rules for them. 

Campaign rules:
  • Starting with rolling 1d6 for armies, 1-3 armies on first turn
  • Roll 1d4 for reinforcements each 2 turns, 1-2 armies until reaching a maximum of 6
  • Armies may move 5 hexes per turn modified by 1d6: 1-2 = -1 hex, 5-6 = +1 hex
May work on arrival of supply trains and available supplies based on rolls later.

And here you can inspect a battle (only one has been fought so far), a border conflict for a bridge. The figs are based on a 6x2cm cardboard piece: 8 infantry figs make a regular infantry unit, 4-5 a Jäger/irregular unit, 4 cavalry figs a cavalry squadron and 3 cannons a battery. 

Rules for combat (again, very, very simple): 
  • Infantry moves approx. 5cm, cavalry moves 10; guns move 4. I'll figure out some sort of sticks to make measurements easier.
  • When fired/charged at, a unit takes a test, if rolls 1 on 1d6 it routs 1 unit of movement (guns don't rout, two hits mean the battery is destroyed). Volleys happen simultaneously except when fired at from the sides/back. 
  • Roll a test again on routed units at the beginning of turn, if 1 again said unit is destroyed.
  • Command fig (2 per army, one foot and one mounted) can save 1 or 2 units from routing/destruction in its proximity.

This is just some relaxing stuff to keep me entertained while I'm slowly running out of paint but it looks like I'll have a permanent job at an office from August and on, good news, good news!
Also, damn the Blogger editor for making the text's background white.

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