Jul 19, 2012

Dorroseani marines

15 figs from the Italeri 1798-1805 French infantry box (the ones with oversized collars and bicornes) finished in 24hrs, a bit rushed but nothing's gone wrong. Apart from the yellow plumes these are the same colors as on the box art.

The bases are something I wanted to test, to simulate the deck of ships I marked some lines with a hobby knife, then painted the whole base dark brown, highlights with a lighter tone and dipping after as the thing was too glossy, not a bad result I'd say but the base of the mould is too visible.

Welcome to Seb from Back to the minis, thanks for following!

Some modifications were made on the officer and the kneeling figs (the latter look sideways while holding their muskets forth). Turned the officer's head and sabre (original on the pic for reference) and the kneeling guy's head.

A macro, not proud of the lighting, might get a stronger lamp or two. The crossbelts were highlighted after dipping, not a huge difference but looks better to me. Again, these are mainly for gaming purposes and to keep me entertained.


  1. Excellent job on these little troops. And a great idea and follow-through on the base decking.