Jul 18, 2012

A fleet ready to set sail

Work's done on these little ships: I'll never go old enough not to play lego. There are no names yet for them but will soon find out something... The most common problem is I don't have enough of the similar color to finish the decks properly, they still do good while gaming but not esthetically - and painting them is obviously not a way to solve this. The sea battles used to be really bloody and the masts are very damageable.

This is a 18-gun frigate of war with Dorroseani (blue and white) paint.

Aft of the frigate.

Experimenting with better looking nose ornaments here.

An 18-gun corvette on the Jackewlinese side with open hull.


This one's been made earlier than the other two.

16-gun freighter with a massive hull and a sturdy nose.


This bunch consists of various small and coastal vessels: one trading ship, one Zinqaguri war galley, a gunboat, three canoes/war boats and three cutters. Made a few more later but the materials are running low - might do some from scratch later!


  1. nice Lego models!
    I will show them to my son: he's always building some boats, spaceships etc.. with Lego !

    1. Thanks! Sure, let him see them and later I may post some progress pics as well.