Aug 2, 2012

Completed Swedes

Here it is finally, a lot of work in these fellas but worth the extra time. 26x Revell 30YW Swedish cavalrymen (2 boxes both lacking the commander and the standard bearer for about 15€ on ebay). Organized in two units, each of 13 men and a 'heavy' and 'light' squadron or rank.

The bases are detailed like I used to do with the infantry, sand+varnish painted dark brown and drybrushed with the remainings of the light brown can, complete with some static grass.

Welcome to Brummie, thanks for following!

First unit - there's more blue and gold (yellow) here.

Second unit from the front. The pictures are slightly modified, hope it reduces the problems given by sunlight when taking photos.

First unit from the front. I've taken at least 30 photos then chose the better ones to add to the post.

A glorious charge is pictured here. No idea how the firing ones manage to hit anything while galloping but the sight is splendid.

Rear rank, wasn't sure if enough is shown on the previous pics.


First commander with brown beard.

Second commander with blond beard. 

The figures are smaller (better fitting to scale after all) than the Zvezda sculpts I usually paint but this means no problem, this is sort of an old set but there was very little flash and they were sent by mail already cut off from the sprue so one less problem to pay attention to. This is the official kick-off in my 30YW Imagi-Nations adventure but not sure how and when will I be able to continue. 

I've also noticed that slowly but surely the unpainted piles are getting smaller, there are 18 Scot Grey cavaliers, 25 Highlanders and about 30 Revolutionary Wars French to do.


  1. Nicely done, thanks for the welcome :D. I really like how you've done your bases as well. They look like they are churning the ground up as they charge

    1. Very kind compliments: the detailed bases are more aesthetical but there sure is a lot more work to them!

  2. Very nicely painted and based. The idea of the leaders of these units having different colored beards to distinguish them is a great idea...actually, it's a super idea.

    1. Thank you; they may have different colors on their dress as well but the different color of facial hair is easier to spot - where it's visible I mostly used light colors (red and blonde), we're talking about Swedes after all.