Jun 13, 2012

Thinking green again

Green Guard Grenadiers - Zvezda Nap. Russian grenadiers set.
These ones are the first figs I've fully finished with wash and varnish, then painted with oil paint. Now I've stripped down the stuff from them (drain cleaner does wonders) and started repainting with the command&musicians first, each done individually and, again, in about an hour of work. They lack dip and finish - will do a much lighter dip than usual to maintain the details. This means a lack of 'mass producing' the Zvezda Prussians and the Italeri French but I had no patience to start so many at the same time.

Commander (Major Chovain Siarad Aldarren)- when it's finished with dip and based I'll do a specific post with biography (earlier ones: Vorswer Sleinach; Friedrich von Zwillingen).

Fifer - painting the hands and the flute was a difficult job.

Drummer - wonder how much equipment could that poor Russian guy bear. Also, epic beard.

Standard bearer with a manly mustache.

From the back.

Fair hair is fair.

'Super macro' shots to see details on the faces.

I think justice was done to these superb figs; the previous painting wasn't bad but good neither! 
The weekend's total is 8 figs painted as singles and the 25 Highlanders, 33 in total.


  1. Superb Andrew, you really are on top form.

  2. Very nice work, and blog too! Your keep in the blog, also, is impressive...
    I'll come back!

    1. Thanks, your blog's great as well, following now!