Jun 15, 2012

The night shift! - Finished products

Finished earlier these'uns with dipping and basing, have a look. 
Zvezda grenadiers here - the base of the mould is quite big so they don't fit that well. I used a lighter brown tone on the bases of these, while the other half (the three 30YW and the one knight)

Here the ones from the 'Zvezda Austrian musketeers and pikemen' set. The dip eases the contrast where the highlighting is too much and adds a bit more depth on a lighter colored surface.

Here goes a welcome to Ender from Ender's Games, thanks for following!

Solo fig #1, 17th century commander

Solo fig #2, 'gift' knight of house Moledurssan

Solo fig #3, Major Siarad Aldarren 

The Highlanders in their current state, basing will come, the figs themselves are finished.