Jun 12, 2012

Change in the plans

These figs have been stripped from paint then re-done individually. Set is Zvezda's '17th century Austrian musketeers and pikemen'.

I did quite much shading/highlighting and watched over every little detail. Without cleaning/basecoating the time spent on each fig is far above one hour. Left to right: standard bearer - commander - pikeman.

The pike is a bit deformed. I've used mostly acrylics but the belt and generally the red parts - plus the reddish brown - and the faces are enamels.

A few announcements - yesterday the blog hit the daily pageview record, over 80 in 24 hours, thanks for the  attention guys! Plus I've recently removed the captcha from the commenting UI so no more trouble for you if that has ever stopped someone from submitting one. I personally don't mind typing down street signs and incomprehensible words but that's just my taste. 
Off to my economy exam now.

How many shades of brown are there? I used so many on this guy (6 or 7) - mixed differently for the chestpiece, the arms, legs, boots, hat, hair etc. This one's a great fig nonetheless, perfect for some skirmish gaming as well. 

Finished the standard bearer Saturday night, it's a real fun to paint. Tried my hands at doing the flag too and it's a fine result.

Back shots

I've read somewhere about a single line of laces used as protection along the arms, and then I was like why not give some extravagance to the figgy?

The armor is shaded as well, the acrylic I bought in the art shop is a tad darker and therefore is applied first then highlighted with a Revell enamel.


Absolutely worth that extra time I believe.

And one more knight is finished too with a blue-white coat, of House Moledurssan.

Still thinking of other color schemes for other houses of Jackewline.
Stay tuned as there's even more to come!


  1. Another wonderful batch of miniatures, although a bit different from the Highlanders. Great work Sir!

    1. Well thank you; I've switched 'periods' because I've read and played too much 17th century recently. I hope the difference you mean is in the positive way!