Jun 17, 2012

JCW Generals (and officers) - Chovain Siarad Aldarren

I'm still not sure when is the best time to post, but here it goes anyway.
Fig - Zvezda 'Napoleonic Russian heavy infantry - grenadiers'

Chovain Siarad Aldarren taq-Dirongarten of the green clans was born in 10570 in the city after his taqnehn  was given (quasi-house name as it goes with the lesser houses), and lived the life of a gentry there until the age of 20, occasionally visiting his northern estate of Alderra. He joined the army just before the disastrous events of the First Escape and the destruction of the kingdom. He bought a rank of a Captain and raised a fusilier company (after winning a fortune from Lord Nolvar in a night of card playing). The sudden act of patriotism later taught him the fact that he's a good commander on the field.

He fought in the battles of the Civil War, distinguished himself many times and had been promoted a Guard Captain, then a Guard Major and given a battalion, namely the Regent Queen's 73rd of the Grenadiers. They were in reserve throughout the bloodiest battle at the Phoenix Lake, so the unit survived without any losses. The mockings following this event and his growing fanaticism towards General Halcigula Halh's cause and the restoration of the realm led him to fight more fiercely than ever before.

He joined Col. Maquirech's regiment after the famous Moledur Peninsula campaign and marched and fought all his way with this unit until the end of the war. He's been wounded several times, always leading from the front rank; his men were well trained and he could raise their spirits as no man could do. His loyalty towards Halh fell after the sabotage campaign which was aimed to sort out any competence against the commander-in-chief. This included forcing Colonel Maquirech to break up his marriage (provoked by Halh who discredited Maquirech's wife with noone else but himself); accusing Colonel Sannereid with cowardice (followed up by a duel between Halh's guard commander Lt. Col. Edgefir and Sannereid). When Halh intentionally sent the head of his main opponents, Major General Largasseq to a 'death mission', placing him with a weak force against the counterattacking enemy columns, Aldarren swore to Maquirech he would never follow that man again. After the peace, he refused to follow Halh on the 'punishment' campaign in the south against the Klagimiryans. 
The 'reactionists' had to wait, or more likely Maquirech told them to wait until the end of the campaign; he chose to finish Halh off on the following elections (the country's been in interregnum since the beginning of the war) and he did so by paying someone (who was believed to be the CIC's agent) to name Halh as candidate to the throne and provoking a scandal. Halh was literally torn to pieces by the lower gentryfolk and the elections went on in peace. The heirs of House Sallagen were finally chosen to bear the crown again, and the new king named Maquirech as his own adjutant.
Leaving his old Regiment, Aldarren joined the Guard Chasseurs as a mounted officer and later the Colonel of the regiment. He volunteered to the Tidguri Legion, a small task force sent to the Tidgur against the Veuden suppression; Maquirech found a way to promote him to Lieutenant General and name him leader of the Legion. The rebellion was soon repulsed but the exceptional Jackewlinese forces fought their long way home. 
When Maquirech resigned as deputy commander in chief, Aldarren followed him in command, by the side of a king from House Dirongarten. He died at the age of 55, catching cold then pneumonia on a boar hunt.


  1. Some of your best work to date. Love the worn leather look of his backpack.

    1. Thanks, I'm trying; honestly, I like how the backpack turned out too.