May 27, 2012

More knights

Finished two more of the Zvezda HYW set. These are painted as a House Maered (green and white colors) and House Maquirech (green and black colors) knight. I'm slowly working on a banner/color combination for each greater and lesser House (as well as some names) for a Jackewlinese setting.

From the rear. I've spent quite a lot of time doing these two, more highlights etc. on both the figs and the horses. Really like how the white half of the coat came out, also the horses are really great.

Note the coat of arms, it was a heck of a job but I'm really proud of it.

Better lighting this time.

I mixed the colors myself again, first adding some black pigment to the green (Revell #363 silk matte), then a lighter overcoat and finally a dip. Same method with the white and brown parts.

The first Maquirech to ride a blue eyed black stallion. Stories tell the horse itself often did more damage to the enemy than the rider, kicking and biting.

From the other side. Again, lovely horse. I've highlighted the visible parts with mixing some white to the black paint.

Finally, a front view. 

Maered knight. The shield isn't that shiny but otherwise it's still one of my best works. Doing the figs individually allows me more time and thus my brushwork improves a lot.