May 29, 2012

Sabaton - Carolus Rex

Sabaton is a Swedish epic/heavy metal band and they mostly make 20th century/WW2 themed songs, but their new album is focusing on Charles XII (with a few, but still Swedish-themed exceptions) and I'd say this definitely worth a listening, unless one really has something against metal.

Besides a few sentences about Narva and Poltava as somewhat 'decisive' battles, there was nothing about the Great Northern War in my high school history books (the sort of 'Yes, there was this Peter the Great guy and he did things'). I started gathering info after reading an article on a Hungarian blog about military history and these two (e. g. Peter and Charles) both amaze me as personalities and leaders. Zvezda makes great sets for the period, covering the major components of the armies.
Now here's a totally off-topic idea: what if I start painting the figs provided for the board game 'Risk' as Swedes and Russians? Something to be considered; there are too many ideas in my head right now.
Also, bad news: no more posts for a while as I'll need to purchase some paints and whatnot. The next weekend is going to be spent with painting again, the weekdays are for studies now!

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