Feb 14, 2012

Coat of arms

Maquirechs of the house Dirongarten

An ouverture for something medieval-alike I'm planning. Yes, medievals, knights in shiny armors. So many great stuff going around the interwebz lately, I just can't resist.

The Maquirech family of the northern green clans originates from Maquir (hence the name) and Gartenskelt, the Isle of Dirongarten near the eastern coast of Kap Nauyvard. Their bloodlines drive back to an Antidguri laborer called Assug Q'tlain, who was between the first men of the Tidguri fleet setting foot on Jackewlinese soil (or at least they say so), hence the scythe. The sword is an obvious reference to knighthood, while the book is both for scholarship and law.

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