May 24, 2012

Battle day

There was a bit of a scenario here, a morning attack by the Jackewlinese. 
Jackewline with initiative: 2 cavalry and 2 foot rgts., 1 field cannon, 1 guard company
Dorrosean: 3 foot rgts., 2 individual battalions, 1 field gun, 1 guard company
The Dorroseani side of the map was more crowded as there was a river with a bridge on it and a small village where a line regiment was stationed. For most of the time, Dorroseani had to roll to organize the foot battalions in the village and the two guard battalions settled in the camp.

After successfully noticing the enemy, the Crontaineviller light infantry had no other chance but to stand ground and wait for the storm to begin.

The Guard chasseurs became active in Turn 3 and started crossing the bridge.

Green guard grenadiers extending their line. They had many losses later but managed to continue pushing forward.

On the Jackewlinese right, the enemy chasseurs routed and destroyed a battalion of Marines. The grenadiers quickly stopped their way and threw them back.

The green heavy cavalry crossed the low stone wall, destroyed the chasseur battalion, captured their commander and began wreaking havoc in the enemy lines. The guard chasseurs managed to cross the bridge and successfully stood for another 2 turns. Meanwhile, the Jackewlinese captured the enemy gun and destroyed most of the foot battalions. The remaining few attempted to break through the cavalry with no success and were forced to a square surrounded by infantry and cavalry equally.
The Dorroseani Guard grenadier battalion couldn't make a move until the last turn. They must have drunk a lot the night before. 

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