May 25, 2012

Some odds and ends

Some more interesting parts of my stuff, this one's a 1/32 Gribeauval cannon.

These are clearly 'Made in China' figs and I can't really tell the scale but the sculpts are incredibly fine compared to the usual 'toy soldier', first of all they aren't flat and the poses are very good. These ones are more than 10 years old, the remains of a bag of soldiers my granny bought me at the dawn of time. There are about 10 Germans and only one lonely American.

And here's a welcome to Rodger from Rebel Barracks, thanks for following!

The German poses are very similar to the figs in the Airfix WW2 box, of which I have one unpainted and the figs scattered around, most of them in the spares containment. I'd like to do a few games in the garden (much more space and better air, eventually) and these big fellas would be perfect if I could find more of them on sales (even worth some splashes of paint).

This is another interesting subject, they have a strong resemblance to the Orion Vikings set, and are even older than the WW2 ones.  A real mistery.

A very fine sculpt too.


  1. Some very familiar plastics from a bygone era, but that cannon looks particularly splendid!

    1. It was certainly a good deal from an ad in a daily newspaper, but after payment I had to cancel any more orders at the customer service as the company sends the next ones automatically for an increased price!