May 23, 2012

Finished units - Besberg chasseurs

Well the second batch is ready, making a full 4 battalions (60 figs, 33 painted this round).

Basing is the usual and I found out that the overdone dip isn't that bad at all.

Again, these are the HäT Austrian Landwehr figs, the plastic is soft and bends too easily (or I've just got used to the Zvezda hard plastic is it) and there's a lot of flash but at least it takes enamel paint good, not sure with anything else (I've just started switching to acrylics as the previous containers become empty, I'm pretty sure that I'll still basecoat with enamel, simply because there are less problems with it). Extending my blue clans' army will be a right pain because I'm planning to do the lest with similar hats so not many choices. 

I'd also like to welcome Sam from Sam's Minis World between the readers of the blog, thanks for joining.


  1. Another good looking unit. Do you use movement trays or do you have to move each figure individually when on the table?

    1. I've experimented with trays on which I made round-shaped holes to the single bases to fit but they don't look well, so until now I just moved them individually. I might do new ones with the same fashion as the ones for the cavalry (rectangles with three reinforced sides). Another thing is that the infantry needs to change formations a lot more so I'd need more trays for each unit.