May 1, 2012

#1 Army List

A summary for everything I've got. The scales are all 1/72; the spares box isn't counted. The collection is growing and there needs to be some free space done soon.

Airfix AWI British Grenadiers 34
Airfix Nap. Scots 38
Airfix Nap. French Guard 41
Zvezda Streltsi 44
Zvezda Nap. Russian grenadiers 46
Zvezda Nap. Voltigeurs 39
Zvezda GNW Swedes 43
Zvezda Polish Husaria 15
Italeri Nap. Highlanders 50
Italeri Nap. Russian foot 50
Italeri Nap. Scots Greys 18
Italeri Nap. Prussian Garde du Corps x2 34
Italeri Nap. French dragoons 17
Italeri Nap. Austrian&Russian staff 39
Italeri Nap. Austrian foot 48
Italeri Nap. French staff 21
Italeri Nap. French artillery 13
Italeri Romans 27
Zvezda GNW Russian artillery 33
Zvezda Vikings 40
Zvezda Nap. French cuirassiers 19
Zvezda Nap. Russian cuirassiers 16
Italeri+Zvezda Guard grenadiers 14
Zvezda Old Guard grenadiers 29
Norman+Irish converted 18
Heller British+Japanese 50
Revell WWII German artillery 4
Revell Nap. Rifles 42
HäT Nap. Austrian Landwehr 60
873 figs overall (summarized in WinExcel, hope it's right).

4 metal guns bought from a gift shop
5 guns from the Zvezda GNW Russian artillery set
2 guns from the Italeri Nap. French artillery set
2 custom-made guns
13 overall.

6 from Italeri Nap. French artillery set
6 from Zvezda GNW Russian artillery set
12 overall

1 Airfix WW2 Brit gun carrier
2 custom Mesr Wars AFVs
2 Italeri IS-2s
2 Zvezda 1/100 Art of Tactic AFVs
7 overall

5 papercraft ships
5 wall sections
13 buildings
12 tents
About a dozen of trees
10 road sections
2 workfields
6 small scale sailing ships


  1. I'm trying not to state the obvious but that's a lot!!!

  2. You must be looking around the house wondering where best to put a new display cabinet!