May 3, 2012

Mandatory Minecraft filler

No other content so far, so I had to go for some Minecraft sreenshots again. This game takes a lot of time to do something with, but well worth the effort. Unfortunately there are problems now with this world (I can't make it to appear in the menu) but at least I have the memories and a bunch of screenshots.

 Not really a fresh work, but observe the ship of the line from another angle, it really gives her a fierce look. There are more shots in my deviantArt, make sure to check them as well!

 It's more than 7700 blocks altogether, just installed this mod so I could sail around her in a smaller boat.

 A closer shot of the nose and a frigate can be seen behind.
   Getting around it again.
 The finished castle and town from the sea. I don't want to know how many blocks these are.
 Prison block built in the sea. There's no way to escape!
 The complete town with an inn, marketplace, guardhouse, a monastery and more!
 Another shot of the walls and the inhabitants, have no idea what they're doing.

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