Apr 19, 2012

Ruletest #2

This time with modifications, the current version is 1.1.

Scenario: A troop of Jackewlinese and Dorroseani soldiers are marching against each other. There's a farm-like building on the north side of the 'table' (well our table is ruined so just a blanket this time) with a wall section, a wheat field to the east, otherwise it's plain.
The Dorroseani had one regiment of line infantry (class 2), one regiment of cuirassiers (class 3), a field gun and a battalion of Guard grenadiers (class 4). Jackewlinese had a regiment of yellow line infantry (class 2, goes well with the freshly painted dragoons), a regiment of yellow heavy dragoons (class 3), a battalion of blue chasseurs and a light gun.

The Jackewlinese light infantry reached the farm first in forced march while the line regiment waited near the field. On their left flank, the cavalry units clashed.

The Dorin line regiment went on in attack column, using as much forced march as they could to keep up with the cavalry

They're fearsome.

Jackewlinese cavalry had initiative, then rolled a 12 attack dice (the enemy became scattered) and a 1 for enemy morale, it's damn terrible!

The yellow cavalry broke through the enemy lines and began chasing them.

The rear battalion of the column formed square when seeing the enemy approach, the cavalry ignored them though and chased a squadron of the enemy galloping off.

The Jackewlinese light gun couldn't cross the walls but the chasseurs did, so they hid from the enemy cannonfire behind the building. The grenadiers reached up the now unlimbered gun in a forced march and were about to strike.

One half of the cuiraissers shamelessly escaped while the other half failed the morale test again, terrible acting I'd say, expected more from these heavy guys!

The Guards closed up on the blue chasseurs still in attack column and received a volley... This is where the battle had to be ended as I was about to pack and leave! No chance to use the mighty gun on the enemy line :( At this point the battle is quite indecisive as the enemy column hadn't reached the yellows' line and the fight for the farm has just begun. More time for the next occasion and we shall see more action as well.

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