Apr 18, 2012

Jackewlinese limber team + Stable

Well, first things first. This is a rather, how to say, primitive way to model a stable. Well, this is what I got.

It's made from one of the spare kit boxes (a Zvezda one, I think), just some raw plans on the paper and it's done.

Also, a bit out of topic before moving on, but it seems from my latest acquisitions that Italeri re-issued some of their first series, just bought #6001 Scots Greys and #6004 Highlander Infantry (both being among the first 1/72s they've ever produced), the box stating they've been crafted in 2011, which is very good news! These re-issued sets come in boxes with yellow stripes (and a 'Wargames Approved' stamp on them), there were a bunch of early Russian grenadiers as well which I should use sometimes later.
And a warm welcome to Grimsi Grogs as a regular reader.

Here you can inspect the stable again, to scale, with one of the recently finished horse artillery crew. A few horses would fit in the gates, and getting out mounted wouldn't cause trouble at all. 

The limber team consists of three horses. The bigger carriage and the wagon are under construction (the little pegs to assemble them caused a lot of trouble but I've won eventually), both with 3-3 horses.

Macro of the man and his horse, a really great fig, too bad I'm too lazy to finish the rest of them.


  1. Nice work all round Andrew, as they say as long as you're happy.

  2. Great work Andrew, can't wait to see the highlanders.

    1. Thanks, I think the kilts are going to take some time to be painted...

  3. Great work! And you're right the Zvezda set is wonderfull. Don't be lazy! Finish them! :-D


    1. Thanks, going to work on them in the weekend.