Apr 23, 2012

Finished - Jackewlinese yellow/blue artillery crew

The only problem is... I ran out of coins for bases, so these are cardboard circles cut out with a knife. When mounted on the base of the gun it's not that horrible though.

Yellow first, three per gun, 15 in total.

Macro of one, the paint job is a bit sloppy as I hurried to finish them, fortunately they aren't that terrible.

Here come the blue ones, they're one less (14) as the 30th fig, the commander had been painted earlier and had been 'promoted' to a general army command stand.

Aiming the howitzer, the guy on the right is eager to fire it off.

The cardboard bases are green and brown (both without mixing), just some sort of military color it would be.

Macro again with the light gun. 

The Zvezda GNW Russian artillery set is really great and there are plenty figs to man the guns and everything is really detailed. 

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