Apr 24, 2012

JCW Generals - Friedrich von Zwillingen

Well not really a general this time, but a great character indeed.
Figure – Zvezda SYW Prussian Grenadiers
Did more highlighting on the vest and attempted to do some details on the face. 

There is no date of birth for Friedrich von Zwillingen, a son of Frickland, though the place of birth is recordedly Strates-Zygnyack and it is presumed that he was born in the Tidguri year of 10543 (he himself stated he was 48 when first coming to Jackewline). The Heer’s records indicate that he joined the army as a corporal in one of the volunteer border guard troops and fought against the Republic of Londion for at least four years, becoming a Sergeant. Then, already married to Annelise Helstedt, he –presumably as a punishment for some sort of crime he committed – has been sent to the colonies in Malacha and later inwards to the frontier of the jungle and desert near the Hvaningenstelni-Malachian borders. He spent the majority of his years in service there. His first child was born in Neu-Klermant.

He was made a Lieutenant after a fierce siege of the local tribesmen, when the commanding officers were all killed along with more than half of his comrades. He has also been awarded with the Cross of Honor.
Never accomplished a proper military school, but learned the tricks of command during various actions in Malacha (first as a member of the Desert Corps, than the FDG, the elite unit inside the corps), nothing major to mention, thus no promotions. Later he was sent back to the motherland when the Northern Coalition started a war (again) against Frickland, receiving the promotion to Captain and joining the ranks of the FNG (Fricklander Northern Grenadiers, a unit dwelling and recruiting in the Northlands near the hostile borders). News of the birth of his second child reached him there.

He and his company fought bravely, but met only Crontaineviller irregulars. He commanded a well disciplined force and the bigger threat came from the Western borders, so the FNG did not earn any major achievements. He received the promotion to Major three years later. His family took care of the estate in Malacha while he served in Frickland; despite that, they still earned less to no income. When their superiors offered service in the Jackewlinese inland for a higher raise, he left the unit and volunteered. Most of his company and his trust-worthy old Sergeant, Michael Strömwald followed him. Finally a task force of one and a half companies had come together; they had been transported through the Gate and into Jackewline. The unit then was mixed with the remnants of a line battalion from the Sannereid regiment (decimated in the battle of the Phoenix Lake a few months earlier) and had seen action first in the southern border against the Klagimiryans at Moisus' Wall. Later a major Klagimir army of 1,200 men defeated a freshly raised and trained mixed light cavalry unit to the west and was roaming free inside the country, aiming for Anfergh Sadsbillai in the heart of the hillside to set up a base for operations. Under the command of Col. Andrewsen Maquirech, the mixed FNG/red battalion (plus a company of the red 5th Grenadier Guards) reached Sadsbillai first and defeated the enemy besieging the walls. 
As he hasn't been born a noble, he had his luck with the 17 years younger Maquirech as a commander, being a rather liberalistic man among the Jackewlinese higher class and judging his officers by their wits. They made up a good team and had eventually been forged together further with Maquirech's regimental staff as the events of the war came and went.
Many of his comrades remembered him quoting, 'I can't believe how these men think', meaning it for the people of Jackewline, a proud and independent, strange kind for any Fricklander.

Von Zwillingen and his men took their part in most of the military actions in the following two years from the Moledur Peninsula to the march to Dorossaibeth. In the end of the war, though respectfully under the command of the Colonel of the Fricklander Grenz, Franz Wohl, Friedrich was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. After his coronation, Chovaion Sallagen XV, the new King of Jackewline, gave him the title Maered, one of the eight original dynasties of the Jackewlinese realm, and an estate including Fergh Mackowskill, house of the dynasty (no foreigner had earned such things ever in Jackewline, the closest being the Kiesternewian Admiral Skyfarski, who was made a count and a honorable Jackewlinese after the sea battle of Kap Navidat). The family, still in Neu-Klermant, Malacha, sold all their belongings and travelled there, where they lived a prosperous life. Zwillingen died of old age, being 78, respected in his motherland and in Jackewline as well. He had been promoted to Colonel lately, already in his sixties and in pension, never to be afraid of lacking any money. 


  1. Outstanding! What a great job you've done on this, full of character especially given the scale!