Apr 25, 2012

Finished - Dorroseani Guard Chasseurs

And a quick thanks again for all my readers after reaching three thousand hits!

First half (more like third) of the Italeri Austrian infantry box, sixteen figs, they're originally grenadiers but I use them as Chasseurs. Sixteen, it's a lot (my units are usually 12/14 stands strong), and because of the different style of paint they don't really match the ones I'd done earlier in the Austrian&Russian general staff set.

Well a fourteen man battalion, command+escort? Or I'll just leave them or add them to the members of staff.

Macro shots. The base is a bit purple-ish though it's intended to be dark brown.


More macro.

Old and new, #1, command. The one on the left is basecoated white, block painted, washed with different colors (brown on the face, blue on the vest, grey on the trousers) and finished with gloss varnish. The newer one is basecoated black, block painted, dipped in the usual black paint+matte varnish+thinner combo. 

The freshly painted is the one on the left, some visible difference but the older one's still fine. I have to practice more with static grass, it can be a hell of a thing!

The weekend's total is 46 figures finished altogether, the previous weekend I finished 42. There's a lot more in progress, no WIP pictures though as nothing interesting is on the way but a lot of basecoating (almost a hundred figs, it's hard to even think about)!

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  1. Looking good, I know what you mean about static grass, it seems to go everywhere but where I want it to go! I tend to use tufts now as a result!