Apr 26, 2012

Ruletest #3

This time I could play it all along!

Dorrosean had initiative.
Dorrosean: 1x line foot regiment, class 2 (3 battalions); 1x Guard chasseur battalion, class 3; 1x medium (field) gun, 1x light howitzer; 1x light dragoon regiment (2 squadrons), class 2
Jackewline: 1x green Guard Grenadier regiment (3 battalions), class 4 (for fun), 1x Fricklander 8th Light Regiment 1st (Grenz) battalion, class 4; 1 medium howitzer, 1 light gun (manned with blue clansmen); 1x red Fesselsorwilon heavy cavalry regiment (2 squadrons), class 3.
Scenario: a hill is in the middle of the 'table', a fence and a building to the north - the building provides LoS, the fence can be crossed by infantry/cavalry. The south-eastern slope of the hill is wooded.

A bit later after the setup (sparing photos), the situation is the following: the Dorroseani chasseurs occupy one side of the fence supported by artillery: one line of the battalion goes skirmishing. Their allied foot lines up parallel to the wall and remains that way until the left flank sees the Dragoons backing up on sight of the enemy heavy cavalry and forms square around their command. 
After a quick mess the Jackewlinese decide that the strategical point is the wooded hill and march there with a greater force. One Grenadier battalion starts to get around the building while the other one, supported by both guns stands against the main enemy line.

One slightly less successful clash later, the dragoons decide to leave. 'We didn't even hurt them!'

Brave fellas, these Guard Chasseurs, they're a bit overwhelmed. 

Still, there they are and stand the fire of enemy guns.

The battle commences on the hill. The Grenzers, keeping out of sight, decimate the enemy with their rifles.

The Grenadiers reach the hilltop and exchange volleys. Secondary counter-fire to the battalion on their right.

And there goes a charge, the enemy is surrounded and surrenders (three tests, two shaken and one failed, rolled a 'surrender' when coming to test that). 

The other battalion (already reduced by artillery shots) charges the green line and fails, gets destroyed eventually. Two battalions lost in one turn!

The hill is in Jackewlinese controll and there's little chance to fix this, the day is won by this faction (it has nothing to do with the fact that the Jackewlinese troops were far more trained and experienced).

Here's a shot of Dorroseani losses.

A twist of fate, the dragoons finally managed to turn their glorious retreat to another charge, lost advantage again and were pushed back but kept on fighting. This, however, doesn't affect the rest of the troops. The credit still goes.

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