Feb 15, 2012

The Yellow Islands liberation campaign

Prelude to the campaign: setting up a base for operations

By 10593 (counted to the Tidguri annales) Dorrosean left only a small force to maintain its regime on the Yellow Islands, concentrating on the main strike force led by David Meales on the main land. Seeing the advantage of the situation, while marching with his Methorin allies on the northern Jackewlinese coast, Lord Shailvaisq of Dirongarten commanded his first general, the low-born Halcigula Halh to launch an attack on the northern fortifications in the Islands, and use it as a base for a rebellion. This rebellion aimed to free Anqalturi, the 'house' of the yellow clans and put an end to Dorroseani conquest. 

The local clansmen soon joined Halh and produced even more fighting troops (though usually with low morale). After succesfully defeating a fort's defenses in one of the southern islands, he landed his small army of five battalions (four foot and one horse, not including the local patriots) on a bigger isle and prepared for the attack. He also managed to turn the natives against the Dorroseani, but they have achieved low success as the enemy used every house in the small village near the southern coast for fortifications. 
Later two Dorin frigates joined the siege, but have been sunk by the outnumbering Jackewline fleet. The enemy hadn't given up, but lost almost everyone except a dozen of their troops on the island.

-To be continued-

American Conquest has a lot of advantages to Cossacks: first, the bird's eye view seen on the picture above. Second, the troops scatter and rout instead of dieing. And third, there are natives too to be played as 'barbarians'. Disatvantage: it crashes a lot, especially in multiplayer mode.

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