Feb 19, 2012

Lack of updates

The reasons behind the lack of updates are:
  • I'm running out of paint and brushes, will have to replace them.
  • Not much worth of photoing, I've set an SYW game with Legos today
  • I'm working on a small scale ship, learning from the last catastrophic results with the previous one. The thin paper still deforms and the whole thing is uneven so I named the ship MKH (Hungarian Royal Vessel) Derpy Hooves. Photos will follow again.
  • Will run a few games tomorrow with both of my rulesets, and planning to extend the Viking one to be suitable for other medieval eras (I hadn't given up buying a bunch of knights).
Also, there are lots of awesome figures in 28mm, but I still don't have enough cash to order any, so I'll start sparing.


  1. Andrew good to see you posting,Looking forward to seeing what you paint up and post in the near future!!

    Best wishes

  2. We are waiting Andrew..