Feb 20, 2012

SYW with Legos

I was bored and had a lot of Legos. This is the result.

 Austrian army: five foot and five light horse regiments (foot: one Jäger, one Hungarian, one Leib-grenadiers, one line, one Landwehr; horse: one Leib-Dragoner, two Chevaux-Legers, two Hungarian hussar regiments), four heavy cavalry (two heavy dragoons and two cuirassier regiments).
 Prussian army has the same numbers with different colors. From left to right: line infantry, Leib grenadiers, line infantry #2, line grenadiers. Dragoon regiment #1, #2, black hussars. Cuirassiers, Leib cuirassiers, heavy dragoon regiment #1, #2 and command before them.

 The battle took place on a flatland. Austrians kept their artillery in one bunch while the Prussians divided them throughout the line, two batteries on the left flank and three more between the infantry divisions.
Action began on the right flank when Prussians launched a massive cavalry charge. In return, the Austrian light cavalry joined the fight.
After a lot of manouvering, the Austrians had been repulsed and the flank has been cleared by the Prussian cavalry.
Meanwhile on the Prussian left, cannonfire routed the Hungarian foot regiment.
Cannonfire took its toll on the Austrian lines while their guns, being too far from the enemy, achieved little effect.
The Prussian light cavalry charged the enemy from the left flank and captured a regiment.
The Prussian heavy cavalry slaughtered the enemy Chevaux-legers and Leibdragoner. The enemy right flank has opened and more and more troops fled.
This would be a rather heroical shot, had it been a real battle or in a movie.
On the Prussian left, enemy heavy cavalry moved forward in hope of a break through the enemy lines...
But when orders reached them that the Prussians have captured their artillery, they gave up and retreated.
The main forces (the infantry regiments) didn't even clash when the Austrians were already leaving the field. Prussians won by placing all their cavalry against the enemy's right flank.