Feb 22, 2012

Gold of the Vikings deathmatch

 Been playing a round of matches with my ruleset (named Gold of the Vikings as it is mostly about looting) this weekend.
Cards for the game here, one pack for initiative, one pack for ambush, one pack for close combat. The other two are for blessings of the gods and morale. As it is more often played against non-player opponents, we rolled the dice to decide who pulls them.
 Ruleset, only 10 pages, most of it covering the card text. I made the cover picture with a Bayeux tapestry customizer flash thingie, but don't know the source, searched through a bunch of websites until I finally found one.
 Round 1, Viking vs. Viking #2. I set up a shield wall, separated the command and bodyguards plus the berserker and three archers.
Before going on, I'd like to welcome the newest regular reader, The Angry Lurker... I just started following his blog and he returned the favor, I guess

 My shield wall.
The combatants close up and fight begins. After an unsuccessful charge, my berserker dies. Archers are ineffective on both sides.
 It's shield wall against shield wall now.
 Close-up of the enemy
 More macros. I'm losing one man in the main shield wall and two others near my leader.

 After more killing blows, I finally retreat... Lost 7 men to the enemy's 1.
Round 2, Vikings #2 vs. Normans, this time with a village on map occupied by the latter.
Vikings move on the village.
 Normans wait.
 Norman cavalry. While they are stationary and trying to delay the fight (the blessing provides 3 initiatives for the enemy in the first 3 turns), the Vikings divide their army into two parts and attempt to surround the village.
 The riders move in, the ambush is unsuccessful again: one rider dies and another is wounded while the enemy takes little damage. The infantry is being decimated as well. After the Vikings' right flank enters the fight, there is little chance for the Normans so they give up and retreat.
Round 3, Vikings vs. Normans again, this time I'm playing the Norsemen. Village and wood areas on the map.
The enemy attempts to outflank the skjaldborg again without success, one rider dies and another is dismounted.
My archers finally found the right end of their arrows, routing and killing more Norman infantrymen. The Normans retreat again.

I played the matches with my brothers, won 1 and lost 1, the other Viking raid won 2 and the Normans lost 2, maybe I should enhance their infantry as they lack abilities while every specific Viking unit has some 'power-ups'.

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