Feb 24, 2012

Rule modifications (JWI rules)

Played quite a big game tonight, using all my finished JWI units. Did this on purpose of altering and correcting the rules. Here are the differences compared to ver 0.9:
  • Forced march: A unit is able to move twice its regular movement in OOC marching, charging and pursuing, but it loses all bonuses (including officers and standards increasing morale) and cannot have initiative in a firefight. Usage of forced march is decided at the beginning of each turn. Forced march can occur once per turn per unit, either during a march, charge, pursue or retreat (this reduces the time between turns).
  • Units (except class 4) failing two moral tests in a turn rout immediately, regardless the effect of officers, standards and musicians.
  • Turning the ranks/wheeling does not consume movement distances below 90° (limits movements too much).
  • A special test is required when allied cavalry marches through a unit's lines (this has just happened, must be confusing for poor footmen to see cavalry trotting towards them).
  • Units losing two figures/stands from a volley of an enemy line cannot lose more than one in following volleys, neither of the second line of the attacking unit, nor any other units. Does not affect casualties after a charge.
...I should have a professional ruleset too, apart from the ones available to the net, for comparison and for doing something else than mine.

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