Feb 28, 2012

More Lego goodness + sailing ship experiment

Didn't do much again this weekend, here are some old and less old pics of the sailing ship MKH Derpy Hooves project and a steam-engine lego frigate.

First things first, I just put this one together to see if I remember the ways (and then bombed it to destruction).

Welcome to DeanM from WAB Corner, a regular reader again! Thanks for following.

The wheels are from an Orc set's catapult, the others vary from specific to generic sets and blocks. There's tons of them, once I managed to make five ships.
Parts of the ship: nose, not much effort. Tried to make it less frigate-ish.
Below, aft, not much ornaments again.

This one, though, had a lot of problems as I underestimated the weight (and height) of the masts and it crashed and crashed again. The final solution was to remove the masts, so she will launch her long way down the Danube when the weather gets better.
This is the first scratch-built complete hull model I've ever made. Not too bad after all.
Here are some WIP pics. I thought the hull to be heavy enough with lots of ballast and a thick keel to balance the complete weight of the sails and masts: I was wrong. At least the sides don't soak through, three layers of varnish and three layers of paint secure that well enough.

I was also thinking about replacing the masts with something of lower weight, but the wood was light enough, so it's a hard trick.