Mar 1, 2012

Painting diary XVI + March wishlist + roundup

Acquired some paints today so it's on again! I'm planning to finish the latest batch of Streltsi this weekend, as well as going on with the Fricklander Grenz unit.

More importantly, I'll have to do some cleaning up around my table. I thought of sorting out my spares and bits and see what I could do with them (a lot of horses, Romans, WW2 etc.). Also hoping that some 'buried' materials for buildings would show up.
After quite a few months (is this some Eastern European custom that deliveries can be late even 2 or so months?) I finally decided to go after the never-arrived set of HäT Austrian Landwehr I ordered back in December. As I couldn't really find in what way to contact the Hungarian post service or the Royal Mail (except going to the local post office and ask them, but there were only the usual shrugs and bored faces), I took the opportunity to send an S.O.S. e-mail to Drum&Flag Miniatures whom I ordered from, and the owner of the shop was kind enough to reply to me, promising to send a replacement, thanks again.

Above the necessarities (knives and brushes, the usual stuff) 2 or 3 boxes are into the first shopping list of this year. The choices are:
  • Jumping into Medievals. I thought that Italeri's Medieval Tournament (if it's available as one of the shops' site states) would be a perfect start as it contains those super knights and two sets of warriors. 
  • Going on with JCW/JWI, as the armies are still far from being complete. I'm trying to keep the balance between the two main armies so I could place more units on the same battlefield; for that reason, I'll have to get light cavalry for Dorrosean (seen this set around, looks fitting), the other things are unsure so it all depends on what's available. Also, I'd like to have some civilians but the choices are rare at 1/72 scale.
  • Greenstuffin' and convertin'. The idea is to acquire a set of Zvezda's GNW Swedish dragoons and converting them to cuirassiers, either by switching heads with some heavy cavalry or sculpting on cuiraisses from greenstuff and/or putty, I really want to try my hands at it and for a first attempt it seems to be an easy task. May I succeed, I could try to do my own civilians and the problem with that issue would be sovled.
Decisions, decisions!

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