Jan 15, 2012

Testing my rules #1

This time it was a scenario. The very first play test had bloody results as there were much high-class units (well lead and trained) and there were a lot of officers (giving bonus morale) resulting in a very few routs.
In this game, Jackewline (above) side had to fend off the two regiments quartered in their territory. The enemy troops had a very few officers compared to their army size, and were of low value (a class 2 chasseur regiment, a class 2 chevaux-légére squadron, a class 1 militia regiment, a battalion of class 3 guard chasseurs against a regiment of class 4 green grenadiers, two battalions of red guard grenadiers and a battery of field artillery).

Initial setup, the Jackewlinese moving in columns.

Approaching the enemy, the troops form line.

Guard grenadiers spot the enemy.

The approach continues on the right.

An howitzer is pulled up the hill by its limber. The gun is sheltered in a wood and on a hilltop, but isn't able to cause enough damage on the chasseurs attacking it.

Macro of the Crontaineviller foot

Grenadiers take the hill and form line against the chasseurs downwards, a couple of ineffective volleys follow.

The Crontaineviller chasseurs enter the wood and attack the reds' rear.

The green regiment closes up on the militia and starts firing its volleys.

Two battalions are routed immediately.

The fight goes on for the hill, the grenadier battalion attacked in the back now rushes down and charges the guard chasseurs, while the other battalion wheels right and faces the Crontaineviller.

The guard troops are being decimated and captured (losing 7 of 12 stands and an officer getting killed), the chasseurs on the hill take a volley with a low initiative roll and are being routed.

The remaining militia battalion receives a volley but stands firm. Chasseurs are rushing for their aid but there's little chance they will get there in time.

The greens move on while a field gun is set against the enemy ranks.

Before the enemy light cavalry could get there, the grenadiers now safe from enemy gunfire form a square.

This was the moment the Dorroseani gave up, seeing no chance to continue with success. 
The main point was to test in exercise that lower quality troops can or cannot stand against elites. Made minor changes in the charging and repelling procedure. Overall, the game seems to work well.

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