Jan 22, 2012

Painting diary XIV. - 100th post!

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this Viking.
Apart from puns. I've finished (completely with basing) 35 figs today, including 11 Norsemen, 10 Streltsi and 14 Klagimir musketeers. So this post is basically a flood of pictures ^^

I'd also like to thank my readers for visiting. Remember to check the 'Read more' options at the bottom of the article!

Berserker. I've developed a wash which consists of thinner, varnish and black oil paint. You can see it on these figures.

Strelets NCO as Jackewlinese Marine. The hats' colours change according to which clan the bearer belongs to.

Klagimiryan musketeer, they're on their bases now.

The complete Vikings.

Complete Streltsi.

Complete musketeers.

The painting shed.

The next batch of Vikings, spearmen, javeliners, axemen, 15 overall.

Revell British Rifles (couldn't get the Italeri version, Italeri sets are running out, sadly). 

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