Jan 14, 2012

First WTB list and summary for 2012

I secretly hoped that the 95th post would be the news of me buying the Italeri 95th Rifles set, but at the moment it seems there won't be any major miniature shoppings for a while. The first few occasions, however, should contain the following:
  • Italeri Prussian cuirassiers (for any heavy dragoon role, hoping for a fine deal on ebay because I can't find them in any shops)
  • HäT Landwehr (the one I ordered still hadn't arrived, must have been stolen or messed up and sent somewhere else)
  • Italeri French dragoons / Zvezda Russian hussars (for Dorroseani light cavalry)
  • Zvezda Prussian grenadiers (Fricklander grenadiers)
  • Italeri 95th Rifles (Fricklander Grenz)
  • Zvezda French cuirassiers (green Royal Bodyguard)
Also needing extra boxes from these sets I've bought:

  • Zvezda GNW Swedish infantry (freshly recruited yellow regiments)
  • Zvezda Russian grenadiers (green Chasseurs/line infantry)
And, after all, I still don't have sufficient artillery, so if there would be any cheap sets, that would make an alternate. The other thing I thought of is that there are 30 figures and 5 guns in the Zvezda GNW artillery sets so I could actually divide them in two clans' artilleries.

Meanwhile, I have to make some minor changes in the wargames rules (more exactly, the charges and following skirmishes aren't scripted well enough).

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