Jan 24, 2012

The Zvezda issue

Seriously, what's the deal with Zvezda? (Before any misunderstanding, I'm not freaking out.) They don't just produce ONLY Art of Tactic sets as new, but they've even cancelled the Napoleonic few. Nonetheless, AoT seems to be a very nice game, but look at those prices - while you can buy a full set with 40-50 figs for 6€ here in Hungary, an AoT minibox with its sloppy 4 figures ('sloppy' for the quantity and not the quality) sells for 2. Do the math, and you can see it's a lot of extra income, based on slightly less material, less work for producing individual poses etc., even if you count that the 3D printing imho costs a bit more (though I'm not an expert in the topic).
The thing is, I don't know how many big sets do local distributors have and in what cycle are they intending to sell them (e. g. how often would they replace the stock on the actual 'shelves' where hobbists buy from). Also it isn't clear for me if Zvezda would produce their old sets together with the new and of what quantity would it be if they do. I still have a thing for buying the 1/100 stuff, but it eventually annoys me that while the AoT shelves are being filled, the big sets are less and less as interest for them isn't lower than back when they were produced.
On the other hand, they have a quite active Facebook page now updated on a regular basis, which most companies couldn't tell of themselves. It is a bit annoying on the level of an ordinary sales company, but there are news and stuff which is worth for following it.

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