Jan 30, 2012

Brainstorming Monday

My last exam in this term is tomorrow. Let's see what to do after.

  • Continue on with shaping the Age of Sail fleet and revise the rules I've written, correcting the movement scales to the actual ships and scripting turns and phases in more particular ways. Also include some dice (luck factor :D) to the game.
  • This also means coming up with a plan on the necessary amount of different types of vessels. By the way I'll replace the tooth picks with thinner wire, they're too darn big.
  • Vikings: only one batch of 14 figs remaining to paint, I'll have to make some longships and prepare for a raid. Still have to pick some enemies for that, also a scenario ruleset.
  • JCW and JWI: continuing with the Fricklander Grenz and when it's available, add more to the range as written in one of those previous posts.

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