Feb 2, 2012

First of the first

This week I'll start working on the following vessels of the Jackewline fleet (each 1st class, 90+ guns):

  • Anqalturi (Seawall), 105-gun, black and grey stripes
  • Antechaiton (God's Messenger) remake with the new templates, 100-gun, black and red
  • Chance II (Chance), 98-gun, black and yellow
  • Dirongarten (Iron-Earth-fort), 92-gun, black and yellow
  • Drasecqh (Destroyer), 90-gun, black and yellow

These five will be the biggest battleships of their units.  I made a template for the hull, making the models more realistic, also a template for the sails, and will change the toothpick masts to matchsticks which can be thinned.
Off I go!

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